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A Story Shared by Jim

My father was a YMCA Executive Director. Every summer we would spend a week at the YMCA camp. While he would attend conferences during the day, I would play around the area around near the cabin we stayed in. I loved to be a cowboy who saved my imaginary friends from desperadoes! My imagination would run wild as a leaped from boulder to boulder as I rushed to save my friends. I had my imaginary six shooter and was a deadly shot! Occasionally my two sisters would play with me and I made sure they were well protected from the “bad guys.” I looked forward to every summer as that meant our annual trip to Estes Park!

One winter we spent the Christmas holiday at the camp. My grandfather & grandmother came with us. I still have vivid memories of them on a toboggan sledding down the hill near our cabin. I learned how to ice skate on the pond right at the entrance to the camp.

The YMCA of the Rockies was such a big influence on me as a child that I traveled from Missouri after high school to attend Colorado State in Fort Collins.

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